I found an article on the telegram newspaper by Steve Bartlett, who is a SaltWire Network’s senior managing editor, titled Canadians have an urgent need to improve digital literacy

It talks about how bad can digital literacy be used. Having enough information about digital literacy can be harmful if it fell in the wrong hands while the good guys remain digitally illiterate. That’s why I think we should raise as much awareness as possible about digital literacy so that we can avoid the harm bad people could do. This article shows some of these horrible stuff that these people could do to show the audience and the digitally illiterate how bad is it really to be digitally illiterate.

An activity comes to mind is that the future course takers could do is having a booth in AUC plaza in assembly and spreading awareness about digital literacy using flyers and stating some facts about the topic in order to have a fighting chance against badpeople who misuse their digital knowledge. Before doing this, these students should be fully aware and well prepared to answer any questions about the matter.


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