Are you thirsty? Draft 1

Are you thirsty is a narrative game about water crisis in Africa. People living in tjese places suffer a lot for what we consider norrmal. This game will try to simulate some of the horrors they go through in their daily lives.

You can play the game here


4 thoughts on “Are you thirsty? Draft 1

  1. Hi Mohamed…the main concern I have with your game is that it’s not set in a specific context and I feel uncomfortable with the generic photos of Africans suffering. Also it is unclear if your references are for your data or your photos – you need to reference both. The choices can also be made more complex… I do like the details of getting water day or night, close or far, and that you consider drinking vs hygiene, and family responsibilities so it’s a good picture of reality.


  2. The game caught my attention at the beginning. I was interested to continue playing, but three scenarios are few for such topic. I think it’s much better to make it longer to engage players and make them learn more about how much water is important


  3. Hey Mohammed! I admire the idea behind your game. I found it purposeful and really interesting. However, I feel you can add more questions to make it longer and more engaging, with more choices in the answers. It can also be a little bit more specific and more advanced/complex.


  4. Hi Mohamed,
    The game instructions were a bit unclear, I wasn’t really sure what it is I was doing, until I progress through the game. When I got the hang of it, I found it very stimulating. I liked how it progressed and helped me really feel empathy towards those suffering.


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