CLT reflection

I attended a workshop on Monday

March 4th titled “Transforming

Learning Environments via Student

Partnership” It was about getting both

students and faculty to work together to

enhance the learning experience.

Since my group was all faculty but me,

I got a pretty good idea about how

professors think. They’re always between

either including students in the learning

experience rather than just being lectured

at, or tgey think students are not mature

enough or don’t have a previous experience

that would qualify them to be their partners.

An example said by one of the professos

in my group was, she said that she was

teaching a 400 level capstone history

course and wanted to make the

students partners in the learning

experience, but unfortunately,

none of them has studied history before.

Therefore, they have no idea how to

choose topics that are of great value

to them. However, she decided to make

them partners on a smaller scale such

as choosing where they have the class,

modifying some deadlines, and the

format they see best in which they’d be

taught(similar to this course). 2 other

professors were teaching scientific thinking.

They decided to add a last chapter on

a topic the students chose by a vote.

Some of these topics include but not

limited to abortion, space, and public health.

The students choose the most interesting to

them by voting and have the last 3 lectures

to learn more about the topic. We also had

a small discussion about the grades,

who’s interested in the grade and how

can it affect the learning process.

I felt like I have a seat at the table.

If more professors do that, consider

the students as partners, the learning

experience would be much better.

This workshop actually made me

think about omr more carrer path

which is academia. Im order to make a

difference, there has to be a major

contribution. That’s why if more

profs are making the students partners,

we’d witness a whole new generation

that is responsible for its own learning,

has great team work skills, and respects

all opinions around it. I think the workshop

could have been more focused by having

certain questions that would initiate the

discussion at every table like we did with the

first question, the what can change

in the major or university in general to

make the learning experience better.

The google doc was a great idea,

since we didn’t get to hear from every

table and would convey our message

to people abroad.


2 thoughts on “CLT reflection

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