Digital Profile

This exercise was beneficial for me as I learned that I’m quite comfortable using new technology and most existing tools. This is because as a computer science senior, I learned how to deal with many problems that come my way. Furthermore, I can help others with the technical difficulties they might face. The one aspect I can work on more is the innovation. I can think of innovative methods to solve my problems but as many people do, I always go to my “safe space” the tools I know best. They might not as efficient as others but I’m comfortable using them as I know they’d get the job done.

Alt. CV

Recipe for making a perfect M. Radwan

Required ingredients:

Loyalty 2 cups

Honesty 1 cup

Passion ½ cup

Smartness 1 cup

Bravery ½ cup

Vengeance ½ cup

Sense of humor 1 cup

Classical music addiction 1 cup


Mix all of the above ingredients in a big bowl so

that they become one mixture.

Then put in the oven for 30 mins.

This would give you an older looking

human who’s controlled by his ingredients.

Driven by both loyalty and honesty, this kind of

human you would be lucky to have as your friend

and pray not to be your enemy. Simply you get

M. Radwan.